English Learner Advisory Committee 

    All schools with 21 or more English language learner (EL) students are required to establish an ELAC. The ELAC advises on programs and services for EL students and recommends strategies to engage parents in support of their child’s education. These recommendations are presented to the SSC for discussion and a vote. ELAC consists of parents/guardians of EL students and “Reclassified Fluent English Proficient “RFEP” students. RFEP students are those who have met the levels of English competency of a native English speaker within the last two years and no longer need the more intensive English language instruction. Other interested stakeholders may also join the ELAC. 


Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month on the school campus. 

Our current 2023-2024 ELAC officers are: 

Chairperson: Wendy Enriquez 

Vice Chairperson: Judith Castillo

Secretary: Fatima Rauda

Parliamentarian: Catherine Lopez

ELPAC Information