Youth Services

The Beyond the Bell - Youth Services After-School Program of organized games, enrichment activities, nutrition, physical fitness and homework time is provided for those students capable of independent supervision to, from, and at the playground site. This program is not a childcare program, but a permissive program. Students are responsible to sign-in and leave the program on their own. Children are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and may lose the opportunity to participate if their behavior is disruptive. For emergency purposes, parents/guardians are required to complete and maintain all phone numbers and contact information. 

The YS is closed on all non-instructional days (weekends, holidays, pupil free days, etc.). Playground services are only available during scheduled hours. 

In order for a student to be approved to participate, the Before and After-School Program Application/Agreement must be complete. The application can be found in the main office. 

YS Coach: Jocelyn Gonzalez 

YS/LACC: Alyssa Hernandez